Jorge Chavez International Airport coming to Lima, Peru

Fist off the Airport!  You are about to get off of the plane in a foreign place and you are nervous not knowing what to expect.  We are gonna get you thru the airport and on your way as fast as possible.

The Airport itself is located in the Callo, in the northwest corner of Lima.  When you leave the gate you will be able to find restrooms banos.  (Banos in peru0- a quick note, please dont put paper products in the banos as the plumbing here isnt made to support it!  You will always find a trash can right next to the toilet use it for your TP! Also, 90% of the waste water goes untreated into the pacific ocean so lets keep it clean)

Upon arrival you may use the bathroom if needed, and there is a bathroom to the left close to the coffee shop as you are exiting Jorge Chavez International Airport.  First you will make your way to customs where you will submit your completed customs declaration to the officer.  Tourist visas are for up to 90 days but the officer has total discretion and normally will stamp atleast 60 days for your travel.  After that you head to the baggage claim.  This can take sometime and have your claim tickets as you wont be allowed out without them.  Once you have your bags you will head to bag check lines.

The bag check lines are at the far end of the baggage terminal.  If you have something to declare above the allowed items you should pay at the counter to the left hand side of the line.  As you go through the line you will hand the agent your declaration and then push the button.  If you get a green light pass through the automated doors into the lobby.  If you should get a red light you will have to go the the scanners and open up your bags.  If you have declared all items then you will not have any trouble.  If not then you will have to pay the declaration fees.

Once you are in the lobby it is now time to keep a good eye out for your valuables.  In the lobby you will find your driver if your hotel send a car for you.  If you require transportation of your own you will also find plenty of taxi’s here.  The lobby also has phones, ATMs and a booth to exchange currency into Nuevo Soles.  The normal rate of exchange for dollars here is 2.80.  Taxi’s can be found just outside the doors on the curb.  Expect to pay about 40 soles for a fare to Miralflores.  If you are comfortable and not carrying many valuables and traveling light as I do you may proceed to walk outside the airport and find a cab there, but be careful and do not wander to far from the gates.

The Callo is an impoverished area and theft is common.  Just be careful and you will be fine.  Fares outside the gates are as low as 12 to 15 soles.  But most international flights arrive close to midnight so be warned.


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