Youth Crime in Lima, Peru

This video is courtesy of clemensa100 at

Lima, Peru is home to thousands of homeless children.  Chances are you wont encounter them for the most part in Miraflores.  Venturing out into the other areas should be done during the daytime.   Certain places like La Victoria and La Parada should be avoided at all times.  Many of the homeless youth are forced into child gangs and are referred to as Piranitas or choros.  They are known to rob, steal, use drugs and fight.  They should be avoided at all costs.   I recommend not offering any money or coins to them as if they know you have money you will have trouble.

Interestingly enough last week alone I witnessed one Choro attempt to steal a locals purse as she jumped on a combi bus just ahead of his grab.  Last night on the way home to Rimac in a Cab, near Lima Center and 3 minutes from the Plaza De Armas we witnessed 2 gangs of Piranitas thowing baseball sized stones over traffics at each other.  Luckily no one was hurt and they ran off.

Tips to travel safe in remotely dangerous places:

1) Never take valuables with you.  Only enough money to get you to where you are going and for the essentials.

2Carry small denominations of currency and keep in multiple places.

3)Do not wear a wallet, its better to use a money belt or carry it in multiple inner pockets away from the hands of pick pockets.

4)Dress down, dont dress up to site see as you already stick out like a sore thumb.

5)Watch your back.

6)Stay out of bad areas and be aware of your surroundings especially after dark.

7)Ask before you venture out.  Most hostels will be able to get you headed in the right direction.  If you dont know just ask as there is never a dumb question only dumb people that are afraid to ask.

8)MOST IMPORTANTLY: Police are not to be relied upon.  Most nights you dont see any of them and normally they wont respond to incidents.


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