Survive Kombi Crash in Lima

We were heading to Punta Hermosa the other day on a Kombi bus that we got on at the station near Puente Santa Rosa close the Plaza De Armas.  This ride we jumped on one of the small Kombi’s and were seated in the first row facing forward behind the driver.  The driver was busy not watching the traffic that was stopped in front of us and was unable to stop when we collided with a larger tour bus at about 30 mph.  I slammed my foot on the bench in front of us to brace and luckily was not thrown out the front window.  My wife grabbed me and I sustained 2 deep cuts from her clutching my arm.  Other than that we were just a little sore.

The Kombi was totalled, the front windsheild knocked out and the engine locked up.  The bus in front of us just kept on trucking and we walked to the side of the highway and demanded our passaje back.  Then we boarded another kombi and continued on our journey.

Tips to Surviving Bus Accidents in Lima Peru

1) Never sit in the front rows or back row.  These Kombi buses are small and not well protected in the event of an accident.

2) make sure you have something to grab onto in case of a bus crash.  Like a hand rail or your husbands arm, just try not to punch holes in his skin with your sharp fingernails.

3) When in doubt wait for another bus.  If there is no where to sit dont get on.

Good Luck


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