Cheapest Machu Pichu Tour

The cheapest way to get a guided tour of machu pichu is to get several prices from different tour operators.  I suggest you begin by inquiring at your hostel or hotel as most will try to push you on there tour which is usually more expensive.  Please remember that you can stay in Aguas Calientes overnight but beware of the alien mosquitos and bring plenty of deet.  Accomidation in Aguas Calientes is cheap to more expensive depending on what you find.  Once again check around before you decide which one is right for you.

After getting an idea of the cost at your hostel or hotel I suggest walking around the plaza de armas and inquiring at a few of the tour operators around the square.  I found the cheapest deal just past the McDonalds and it was a great deal.  You just have to check a few different places and then at each one just tell them what you have already been offered it is that simple and most speack english so dont worry.  Cusco is really laid back and dont be afraid to go after a bargain.



Cruz del sur VS. Excluciva CIVA

Exclusiva Civa wins this one hands down folks and fellow travellers.  All I have to say is you can take the bus between Lima and Mancora 16hrs. 2 ways.

Exclusiva aka Civa bus lines is my top rated means of travel in Peru.  They offer brand new mercedes motor coaches with plush leather seats with private area and 3 times the room of any other bus line in peru.  The tickets are only $10 usd more for this service compared to the nasty economy seating provided by cruz del sur aka curse del sur.  Civa gets my only 5 star bus line rating.

Cruz del Sur is the worst bus line I have ever taken and let me just say that the even tried to rip me off at the ticket counter.  I tried them once and will never go back.  I wouldnt have even tried had the Civa bus been booked solid.  I took the terrible ride from Mancora back to Lima a few months ago which you can read about in a previous post here at mochileros peru.  Cruz del sur gets a rating of Zero.  Terrible exprience I wish I could forget.

Pisco Sour Freebies

Ok I know I know, I had too man!

We now delve into the relm of the Free Pisco Sour.

We will get everything in here from worst to first starting this time with the WORST Pisco Sour Freebie I have ever tried.  Beware when in Aguas Calientes as I just spent the last 3 weeks there surviving on falta, avacado con pan bread.  The only other sustenance I was able to come by was the free pisco sours.  Just kidding guys, anyway the worst I have had was definately in Aguas Calientes at the Mexican Restaraunt sitting on the balcony next to the town square.  It was terrible and I absolutely refused to drink it.  Like a 1/4 sip and blaaaaah!  A big fat ZERO to pisco sour freebies in aguas calientes.

The best seem to always be at the Sabor Peruano at the calle de los pizzas and btw I quit hanging out there as too many expats were asking me if I was the guy with the web blog from the calle de los pizzas.  I am staying low key from now on.

I also recommend the pisco freebies at the Beach in Mancora Mon!  Anyways just thought I would drop in on that one.

Honestly the Mexican restaurant with the balcony in Aguas Calientes was a rip off.  They told us we’d get a free pisco which was horrible and then charged us for a table fee of S./5 or $1.50 so forget that and head to one of the smaller joints with less tourist crap going on because you arent gonna get good food there.  Period. Negative Stars for that place.