Upcoming Expedition

I am headed back to South America in the coming months and we are preparing for our expedition to Peru. I plan to surf often this trip and I am considering purchasing a car for to help a friend start a taxi service so might have my own wheels International visitors from the US can drive on their US driver’s license for a period of 6 months or 1 year on an international drivers permit. Beyond that they must obtain a peruvian drivers license. I will be there only a few months so this time i will probably drive most of the time. Surfs Up!!!

I am planning on basing out of lima, Peru. Trying to surf north and south away from the nasty toilet dumps near la costa verde. We want to visit Ecquador so a trip to Tumbes and Mancora are a must. I would like to check out the longest left hand tube in the world at Chicama just outside of La Libertad, Peru. Services are bare bones but the wave is supposed to be the main attraction to the port town.

I also plan to head back to the Apurimac River Valley to visit Family for a little while. We will definately visit Cuzco and I will go back to Machu Pichu for some further exploratory work. I may hike in with a friend who is back there now.

I also anticipate venturing further around the Inca ruins near lima. I truely miss the food so plenty of Ceviche and anticuchos are in order, along with pollo a la brasa and hope to try Cuy Picante for the first time. Cheers Then!


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