Night Time Street Food Lima Peru

Food on the streets of Lima Peru is a little different after dark.  During the daytime Cebiche reigns supreme.  At night its all about the Hamburguesa en la calle.  A wide array of sandwich stands open afterdark some staying open until the late hours of the morning serving up hot food.  Everything from fried chicken sandwiches a la mcd’s except with fries inside and all the aji cremas you can take.  Salchipapa is a family favorite it consists of hot dog or chorizo chopped up with fries and aji sauce.  Regular beef burgers can be had as well however I sometimes worry that they might not really be beef so see them before you order.  Our local stands in Rimac charge between 2 and 3 soles for a nice sized sandwich usually atleast twice the size of any mcdonalds burger off of the dollar menu.  I cannot do without crema de aji amarillo it is just my favorite thing ever and goes with everything you can possibly order.  As usual look for the places that the local crowd enjoys and you will surely find a good late night place to get some food.

Gamarra : Best place for clothes shopping Lima Peru

I returned to La Gamarra in La Victoria, Lima, Peru today for a little shopping spree.  Got some Peruvian Butt Push Up Jeans for my wife which she loves.  They are the same as the Brazilian Jeans and I just love seeing her wear them.  I got myself a few Lacoste polo shirts for s./ 23 a piece or roughly $9 USD.  Great quality and no one’s going to know where they came from but me and you.  Hollister is the new brand on the block in the Gamarra.  Plenty of Hollister T-Shirts can be had for the same price. 

Popular brands of push up jeans include d’flavia , jeans roy , Baccarro , and Sombra to name a few of my favorites.  American knockoff brands include Abercrombie & Fitch , Lacoste , Aeropostale , Armani Exchange, Polo , Billabong , and Rip Curl .

Gamarra is a place to find a cheap deal on good clothes while visiting Lima, Peru.  Lots of Caballeros will attempt to entice you into following them to their store, but be sure that you check out a couple of stores before you decide on which one is the best deal and find the best quality as the prices are normally the same regardless.

Gamarra has shoe stores, evening wear, dress clothes, suits, tyes, polos, button up shirts, alpaca, plenty of jeans for both men and women, t-shirts, socks, undergarments, underwear, hats and accessories.  There are several banks and atm’s.  The banks are available during normal business hours and yellow vested money exchangers are available during business hours on every corner.  There is a food court with mcdonalds and pizza hut on the tops floor of Parque Canepa and many vendors in the streets as cars are not permitted.

Getting to Gamarra from Rimac we normally pay around 8 soles but be sure to tell the driver that you are ok with being dropped off outside the toll area as they will get charged 1 sole to enter the gates.  When you leave the further away you get the better deal you will find from the taxi’s.  I normally walk atleast 3 blocks outside the gates to find a ride home.  Be sure to keep your money out of site and in a safe place.  Also guard your purchases closely and never ever take a purse with you.

Happy Shopping

Mochileros Peru

Ya Me Voy

Told my significant other I wanted to hit up the U game. For those not familiar the U is for Universitario. Infamous football team of Peru. Last year apparantly their was a riot during the classico match against Alianza. Well sports fans on the 14th we will witness just that U vs Alianza in the classico. BTW significant other told me to check out youtube before doing this then told me I needed my head checked….U vs Alianza in the Classico and people get G'd up and throw down