Night Time Street Food Lima Peru

Food on the streets of Lima Peru is a little different after dark.  During the daytime Cebiche reigns supreme.  At night its all about the Hamburguesa en la calle.  A wide array of sandwich stands open afterdark some staying open until the late hours of the morning serving up hot food.  Everything from fried chicken sandwiches a la mcd’s except with fries inside and all the aji cremas you can take.  Salchipapa is a family favorite it consists of hot dog or chorizo chopped up with fries and aji sauce.  Regular beef burgers can be had as well however I sometimes worry that they might not really be beef so see them before you order.  Our local stands in Rimac charge between 2 and 3 soles for a nice sized sandwich usually atleast twice the size of any mcdonalds burger off of the dollar menu.  I cannot do without crema de aji amarillo it is just my favorite thing ever and goes with everything you can possibly order.  As usual look for the places that the local crowd enjoys and you will surely find a good late night place to get some food.


2 thoughts on “Night Time Street Food Lima Peru

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