Mochileros Peru Budget Travel Guide


Everyone who visits Peru should stop for a quick meal at Bembos!  It is Peru’s version of McDonald’s only a million times better.  I stop in here a few times a week, normally after tying on a hard one in the Sabor Peruana V.I.P. until 4 AM.  In Miraflores you will find Bembos across Parque Kennedy from the calle de las pizzas.

The food is made to order and tastes much better than any American Fast Food Joint.  My Favorite is the Huachana Cheeseburger Combo with a ton of Aji sauce on the side and all over the burger.  The aji sauce is fantastic and I wish I knew how to make it.  The papa fritas are great and it is more like a better version of Burger King than anything else I have seen.

You can try Bembos in Lima or Cusco in the plaza de armas…

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Mochileros Peru Budget Travel Guide

I have always had a craving for Mexican food.  Tacos and Mexican food have always been my favorite food, but here in Peru it is almost impossible to find real tacos unless you make them yourself.  Taco Bell used to be in Peru, but have exited the market.  There is a place on the Calle de las pizzas that sells their take on Mexican cuisine, but I havent bothered to try it.  There is also a new place in the Plaza Norte shopping mall in the food court that is selling Tacos made with peruvian flavors which I also passed on.

I ran out of corn tortillas soon into this trip down to Peru. I had not been able to find any tortillas or taco sauce my entire first trip, which lasted for 4 weeks. This trip I was nearing 6 weeks when I stumbled upon a gold mine of…

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Mochileros Peru Budget Travel Guide

Lima is a big city and the people stay very busy.  Lima’s 10 million inhabitants normally work 5-6 days a week from 8am-9PM so they must eat quick and normally on the run.  While traveling around the city of Lima you will encounter various types of street vendors.

A good way to identify good food from the street Vendors is to look for where the most locals are eating.  That is always a good sign.  You will notice many in the Chabuca area near the Plaza de Armas that are all in white carts.  These vendors are inpected by the municipality and are normally the cleanest and safest to eat at.  My favorite is the Anticouchos or kabob of marinated beef heart and pancita which is marinated beef tripes or stomach usually served along side of boiled potato slices and your choice of hot sauces.

Hot sauce is my specialty…

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Mochileros Peru Budget Travel Guide

Fist off the Airport!  You are about to get off of the plane in a foreign place and you are nervous not knowing what to expect.  We are gonna get you thru the airport and on your way as fast as possible.

The Airport itself is located in the Callo, in the northwest corner of Lima.  When you leave the gate you will be able to find restrooms banos.  (Banos in peru0- a quick note, please dont put paper products in the banos as the plumbing here isnt made to support it!  You will always find a trash can right next to the toilet use it for your TP! Also, 90% of the waste water goes untreated into the pacific ocean so lets keep it clean)

Upon arrival you may use the bathroom if needed, and there is a bathroom to the left close to the coffee shop as you…

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Stuck in Peru in search of American Beer

I have always made it a point to search for imported cerveza here in Peru.  American Beer is something that we Americans, at least myself, come to miss when we are outside of the United States.  I have searched far and wide for the likes of an ice cold Budweiser but have never found anything close, at least until today.  I was making an unusual stop at the Tottus on av. tacna and passed through the beer isle and to my suprise there sitting in the cooler was 2 six packs of Miller Genuine Draft ice cold and ready to go home with me.  They also had quite a bit of Corona Extra.  Prices on the imported MGD were steep costing s./26 for a sixer.  Such is the price for cold American Beer far away here in Lima, Peru.  They also had heineken mini kegs.

In the past I had seen Corona bottles on calle de las pizzas at the mexican place as well as a selection of irish stouts in the old pub in miraflores.  If anyone out there knows where I can locate any Busch or Budweiser please contact me as I am going nuts.  Cheers and I’m about to crack open one of these ice cold Miller Genuine Drafts right here in Rimac, Lima, Peru.

Mr. Taco : Lima Peru

I was in Jesus Maria today visiting with my wife and discovered a Taco Stand on the street on Av. Salaverry a few minutes from downtown (av. tacna – plaza vea area). It is a small stand with a huge neon sign you cannot miss it. They charge s./ 10 to s./13 for Tacos made fresh while you wait. Quite different from “Street Tacos” in Mexico but Tacos in Peru none the less. I just shook my head in disbelief. They also serve sandwiches for about s./5 . The Peruvian taco stand sells pollo, chicken, carne, beef, chorizo, sausage, and Puerco. I did not sample any but did witness them being made although I would like to point out that all of the Peruvians were eating sandwiches, that made me laugh. The tacos at Mr. Taco come on a pre made large flour tortilla and are served with sauteed onion. They looked ok but I did not try as they seemed pricey for what you got and we had already eaten.

Taco Sauce Peru

Was shopping at Tottus on av. Tacna in downtown today for some supplies and discovered a mother load of Taco Sauce just waiting for my enjoyment. They only had Old El Paso but I never imagined i would find such a large quantity of Taco Sauce here in Lima, Peru. You can find it in the grocery section right under the dried spices. Looks as if they have enough taco sauce to last through a nuclear winter for crying out loud. I actually laughed out loud it was so funny. I bought the large size just for kicks but they have a couple of sizes and it is only a few soles a jar. They also sell bimbo tortillas in the cold foods section. They used to be close to the cheeses but I havent bought any in a while as I make my own which are much better.