Anticuchos Peru Street Food

Anticuchos Lima Peru

Anyone who has experienced the better parts of Lima Peru after dark has surely enjoyed the smells coming from the Anticuchos grilling around town.  Anticuchos and Pancita are a favorite night street food around Lima.  My favorite stands are the ones in the local areas you will know a good place when you see alot of the locals chowing down.

Anticucho is marinated beef heart thinly sliced served on bamboo sticks seared on a hot metal grill on top of mesquite wood.  It is spiced as is the pancita or cows tripes seasoned in hot spice and grilled as well.

Sideds include papas and choclo if you are up for a completo.  Copleto is s./8 and solo anticuchos go for s./5 for three sticks.  Do not forget the add your own chile aji bar on the front of the carts.  I pour the red hot ricotto aji all over my beef and the yellow aji for the papas.  Kids can also enjoy as they usually have ponchas or hot dog on a stick grilled as well.

Anticuchos are popular night food in Lima after dark.  You can find them in Alemeda Chabuca Granda or in Barranco near the bars.  Most shopping districts surrounding the center of lima have lots of street vendors just look for the carts with anticucho pancita written on them and enjoy


Cruz del Sur Sucks

Mochileros Peru Budget Travel Guide

cruz sucks

Cruz del Sur aka Curz del Sur Not Recommended!

I want to start off with saying I am completely disgusted with my entire experience with Cruz del Sur. Unless trouble is what you want on your journey I suggest that you try another bus line. While traveling through Peru with my Peruvian wife and our 3 kids we have taken many bus trips. Normally we try to get the best deal for the best service.

After a fun filled week in Vichayito Beac, Mancora, Peru we had to get home. We were unable to get seats on Civa Exclusiva and decided to try Cruz del Sur for the first and last time.

I have always compared the rates for Cruz del Sur and until now always chosen to take a more affordable bus line. They charge 12 soles that most of the other bus lines, and from the english website…

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Gamara : Where to buy Clothes in Lima Peru

Mochileros Peru Budget Travel Guide


If cheap bargains are what you seek when shopping for clothes then you might want to check out the Gamara in Lima Peru.  The Gamara is a 30 square block complex closed to traffic which is home to Lima’s fashion District.  This is where most of the garments are made and sold.  Here you will find everything from shoes to swimsuits and everything in between.

The Gamara is about a 10 minute taxi ride from the Plaza de Armas (s./5 fare).  You will have to pay an extra sole if you dont want to walk a block to the gates, recommended if you are without local guide.

This place really reminds me of New York City.  Upon entering the gates you will find tall buildings stuffed full of little boutiques or stalls filled to the brim with all sorts of clothing and accessories.  Most of the clothes are made here…

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Shopping Lima Peru , Polvos Azules

polvos azules

Tourists should check out the Pulvos Azules shopping center in Lima, Peru.  Close to Downtown and the bus stations off of the highway.

There are many places to find clothes to buy in Lima Peru.  Pulvos Azules is a great place to shop for a bargain and find many name brand items for purchase.

Pulvos Azules offers lots of shopping options for visitors as well as locals.  Moved years ago from the now chabucka area Pulvos Azules is made up of hundreds of small vendor booths like you see all over Gamarra.  Nike Shoes , Fake Rolex? They got it.  Video Games and a video game playing area where you can battle friends and make new ones as well.  Although shopping in Peru is what most people come for.


Looking for DVD s for your trip they have them all here.  If you see one you like ask the vendor to play it for you and they will be glad to show you the quality.  Its like the peruvian version of Netflix.  Actually I know of several DVD markets around lima and this one is ok.  The best I just cannot give out as it is way better than the rest and as a Traveler I must keep some things for myself.

All different types of Jeans , Pants , Tops , Shirts , Polos , Sweatshirts , Shoes , and accessories are available for purchase.  Lots of brands mostly name brand whether they are real or not I am uncertain but the prices are more than right.  Although better deals are had in Gamarra Market this is the place for the higher quality items.

Changing currency is possible with the guys in the yellow vests.  Imagine that.  Its the norm.

Stuck in Peru Missing America

So you are stuck in Peru and you are thinking of all the great things back in the old USA.  What would you choose to look for to remind you of home? 

American Beer, no reliable sources

McDonalds, available in Lima and Cusco but Bembo is a much better Burger and Aji Sauce

BK Burger King, located in Parque Kennedy

Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC, Near Lima Center and Parque Kennedy

If its only a Burger Craving check out Bembo I love the place I go there instead of the US places the meat and fries kick butt and all have Aji Sauce Man I love Peru.

Hot Wings, Check out the Old Pub on Calle de las pizzas in Miraflores.

Pizza Dominoes is everywhere in Lima although super expensive last time I checked like 15 bucks US for a medium two topper.

If its only Pizza you seek check pizza palace plaza de armas or any Rustica I like Rustica great parrilla and salads.  Chop of Beer for S./18 steep but not in the clubs around lima.  The new Rustica near olschle Lima Center has music and dance floor too.  Nice little spot much closer to us than the one at Calle de las Pizzas.

Check for NFL football at the local casinos in downtown Lima on Sundays.



Peru Arroz Con Pollo Rice with Chicken


Arroz Con Pollo is an all time classic in Peruvian Culinary Art.  This is my own recipe.  Enjoy!

Chicken Thighs and legs

white rice washed

Can of Peas and Carrots

2 pieces of fresh garlic

half bundle cilantro



Aji Amarillo very important

dark lager beer

vegetable oil


Fry chicken in stock pot with oil and minced garlic a little cumin.   In a blender mix cilantro small amount of oil beer and one aji amarillo and a little water.  Once chicken is golden brown and cooked add peas and carrots, blended mix and  bring to boil.  Add washed white rice return to boil.  Reduce to low heat and wait for rice to cook.  Once light simmer, cover with foil and lid keep on low heat until rice raises and serve!  Enjoy! 

Serve with Papas Huancaina Recipe to come

Ice Cream Peru Danofrio Best


Danofrio is my favorite ice cream in peru.  Everyone that visits Peru will surely see a Danofrio Bike Cart full of Ice Cream treats or Helado as it is called there.  I have even been approached by one on a remote beach in the North.  Just in Time no less!

In Lima Ice cream can be had near the Plaza de Armas readily especial in Chabucha Market.  It is cheap probably s./3 for a big cone and a couple scoops.  It is really good made with real sugar and much better than ice cream back in the united states.

Don’t be supprised if you are out on a beach alone and an Ice Cream cart starts heading your way.  Woop  I love Peruvians!

On the way to the Lima Zoo I saw the Danofrio Factory and the kids flipped out and wanted the taxi to stop.  Have to see if they have tours??  Hmmmm.