Stuck in Peru Missing America

So you are stuck in Peru and you are thinking of all the great things back in the old USA.  What would you choose to look for to remind you of home? 

American Beer, no reliable sources

McDonalds, available in Lima and Cusco but Bembo is a much better Burger and Aji Sauce

BK Burger King, located in Parque Kennedy

Kentucky Fried Chicken, KFC, Near Lima Center and Parque Kennedy

If its only a Burger Craving check out Bembo I love the place I go there instead of the US places the meat and fries kick butt and all have Aji Sauce Man I love Peru.

Hot Wings, Check out the Old Pub on Calle de las pizzas in Miraflores.

Pizza Dominoes is everywhere in Lima although super expensive last time I checked like 15 bucks US for a medium two topper.

If its only Pizza you seek check pizza palace plaza de armas or any Rustica I like Rustica great parrilla and salads.  Chop of Beer for S./18 steep but not in the clubs around lima.  The new Rustica near olschle Lima Center has music and dance floor too.  Nice little spot much closer to us than the one at Calle de las Pizzas.

Check for NFL football at the local casinos in downtown Lima on Sundays.




One thought on “Stuck in Peru Missing America

  1. BryAna June 13, 2013 / 9:12 pm

    When I lived in Peru, I would always search the supermarkets for American things because I missed home. Now that I am in the states, I search the hispanic stores here for Peruvian things, because I miss Peru.

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