Claudio Pizzaro Wins FIFA World Cup Qualifer with Goal

The match played between Peru vs. Ecuador during FIFA World Cup Qualifying play took place at the Estadio National in Ecuador. The only goal of the game came early at the eleventh minute of play when Claudio Pizzaro Struck a huge goal to keep Peru in the World Cup Contention.


Cero Azul Beach Boys Peru

The American Band the Beach Boys visited Peru near Canete South of Lima and sang about he Cero Azul in one of the famous songs about wave riding.  Peru is a Surfer’s paradise with good swell breaking nearly 24/365. 


Canete is closeby is known for a very unusual weekend of cat eating celebrations.  I have not stopped of there but did go thru there a few times.


Further south is where you can find wine region.  Wineries abound in the Chinca and Pisco regions.  I have not made it to Pisco yet.  I personally do not like the Pisco sour as I find it to be a knock off of my favorite the Mexican Margarita.  Although Chinca is a small town home to several wineries.  We visited one on the last trip and was welcomed to taste all of the varieties dry and smooth.  They had an interesting red that was dry which we chose and I believe a peach variety which was very sweet but very strong and enjoyable. 

Further South One can visit the National Park of Paracass and the Nazca Lines closer to ICA. 

Curawasi, Peru : Remote Traveler’s Paradise

Curawasi is locate 2 hours from Cusco by Taxi.  About 15 Soles apiece last trip but probably more like 50 soles apiece for tourists.  Hospedaje in town is owned by my relative and has a nice restaurant with typical peruvian fare and a nice lomo saltado.   Located on the main strip near the bus station.

Curawasi is a small quiet and safe town on the Apurimac River.  They have a natural springs by the river and it is frequented by Kayakers and canoers alike.