Plaza de Armas Lima Peru

Plaza de Armas in Lima, Peru is a wonderful place to enjoy site seeing around the old center of Lima.  There are many attractions and tours in and around the plaza and it is probably my favorite place to visit in Lima.

The center is famous for the famous fountains at the center of the square located directly in from of the Presidential Palace, Lima’s Main Cathedral, The Catacombs, and plenty of shopping and dining options.  Chabuca Granda is located just south of the Presidential palace and accessed via the walkway between the Presidential Palace and the modern fountain in front of the banco de credito.

Chabuca Granda is a fantastic place to visit on Saturdays.  Settled atop what was once a major train station and later the old polvos azules, Chabuca Granda in Lima Peru offers fantastic views of the Rio Rimac as well as the old bridge leading to Rimac which is now a pedestrian walkway aside from the military vehicles accessing the Presidential Palace.  Saturday afternoons beginning at lunch time there is normally a Peruvian Gastronomic Festival where you can enjoy nearly all of the classical Peruvian dishes prepared to perfection and at a very reasonable price.  You will also find arts and craft booths set up selling all sorts of wares.  From afternoons until they sell out you will also find licensed street food vendors here and this is where I go to get my Anticuchos and Pancita con choclo most evenings.  They also have Gelado, ice cream, Picarones which are great and other sorted fare.  All at typical street food prices but the food here is always prepared well.

Jiron de la Union is a pedestrian only street though the old district beginning in Plaza de Armas and leading all the way to Plaza Saint Martin.  Here you will find many sit down restaurants from Rustica, Pollo a la Braseria’s, Pizza Palace as well as McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Starbucks and a few others.  There are many stores along the way including the larger department stores such as Saga Falabella and Oechsle.  There are also 2 older movie theaters here one being in Plaza Saint Martin, which is  a great place to change dollars.  Be wary of the Tattoo artists hanging out in the middle of Jiron as most are petty thieves and not to be trusted.  There are huge amounts of people here especially at night time just keep a close hold on your valuables or better yet dont take them.  There are several banks and atm’s, money changers and places to get cell phones, sim cards and buy cell phone credit.

The Plaza de armas is also a departure point for the Mirabus and tours to Cerro San Cristobal.  Many other shopping districts are close by as is a sodimac hardware superstore located in downtown lima and others as well.