Top things to do Malecon Miraflores Peru

  1. visit the parque del amor and see the lovers statue
  2. visit the larcomar for shopping or lunch
  3. try paragliding above the costa verde
  4. take the kids to play on one of the many parks
  5. have lunch or a snack at one of the many tourist spots
  6. Enjoy the oceanview
  7. go for a walk or a nice jog
  8. Head to the beaches for sun and surf

The Malecon located above the costa verde in downtown miraflores lima peru is a fantastic place to go for a walk.  All up and down the coast of miraflores is a park with many local attractions.  It is a great place to spend a sunny afternoon.  There are plenty of attractions and parks and play things for the whole family.  Bikes are welcome just watch for the bike lane.  Be careful crossing back into miraflores as the coastal traffic can be very intense and you don’t want to get hit by a car or a taxi.  No matter what you choose to do this is a fantastic place to get some exercise, take a nice walk, get a view of the beach and ocean or just go hang out with friends and family.

Discoteca’s Lima Peru Disco Dance

OK so First off Discoteca doesn’t mean that you are going to a place where people will be wearing bell bottom jeans and busting out to the BG’s!  In Peru and other South American Countries you will find an Abundance of night clubs many of which are dance clubs!  These are the best places in my opinion to visit on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights!  There are several locations in the major cities in Peru to enjoy nightlife and dance and dance clubs.

Lima Peru

Dance clubs and discotecas in the Lima peru area can be found in Miraflores on calle de los pizza’s and this is obviously the more well known tourist epicenter probably in the entire country.

There are also other clubs and bars in and around the parque kennedy stretching down all the way to Larcomar where there are a number of nice disco’s as well although I hear they are higher priced and cater to the foreign travelers.

Just to the north of Miraflores on Av Arequipa are also a couple of other nice places to check out they will be on the east side of the street, left heading away from parque kennedy.

Cusco, Peru

I haven’t been out here in a while but around the plaza de armas was a place that everyone goes to at night time.  Oh it is called mama africa and that is THE place to go at night time in Cusco!

Travelers Beware!

Just like in your own country you will find places that you might find unwelcome.  You will find that no matter where in the universe you are.  Best of luck!