Best Sandwich Shop in the Galaxy, La Lucha Sangucheria (Miraflores, Lima, Peru)

la lucha

Only in the event of not chowing down on my hometown World Famous Kansas City BBQ Shops I choose La Lucha Sangucheria as the Best Sangucheria in the Galaxy!  Famous for its Criolla Cuisine and House Fries straight out of you heavenly dreams come a place even my buddy Gaston Acurio is known to frequent.


Located on the 1st floor (Primero Piso) of the Flying Dog Hostel next to the McD’s at Parque Kennedy here you will find what is in my fine opinion the finest Sanguch shop to be had anywhere.  At night you will wait but its worth every second.  Seating is limited so be ready to attack for your spot at first sight of seat!  Even at Lunch this place packs them in.  Authentic Criolla meats piled high on fresh french rolls and quite possibly the finest Fries which ever have been created.


This is a must for anyone visiting Miraflores and bring your appetite because you are going to simply love every bite.  I have been going to this place since my first trip to Peru and make a point of visiting as often as I can, normally every week when I am in country.  You won’t find anything close anywhere in the world.  I normally go for a “La Lucha” a steak stack exquisitely seasoned and a side of “Papas Fritas Huayro”, Perus Best.  Don’t forget a fresh jugo or “extracto” to go with it.  I go for the Pina!


2 thoughts on “Best Sandwich Shop in the Galaxy, La Lucha Sangucheria (Miraflores, Lima, Peru)

  1. Henry Evory May 12, 2017 / 11:26 pm

    Totally agree.
    Wonderful food.
    I usually get a ham sandwich with avocado slicesI, home fries and a juice.

  2. mochilerosperu May 13, 2017 / 3:29 am

    Ah its so great! From the homemade bread to the variety of sandwiches and the fries I love it! thanks for stopping by Henry!

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