Surf Scene Lima and Lima Sur Peru

Land of the Lefts.

Some Historians say that Surfing as a sport began in Ancient Peru some 2000 years ago.  Fisherman were the first to tame the waves of the Peruvian coastline in Caballitos de totoras which can still be ridden today on the beaches of Huanchaco.  These reed wave machines were used to fish in and carry the pescadores back to the beach when the days catch was complete.

From the Beach Boys time at the break Cero Azul to the Northern boarder with Ecuador waves are ridden and ripped by locals, surf travelers and even 2004 Peruvian WSOP World Champion, Sofia Mulanovich.

Peru’s coastline is full of classic spots from the longest left in the world, Chicama, to the Peruvian North Shore.  Waters around the Lima area are well known and frequented by locals on even the coldest days of winter, as the coldest is around 65 degrees.  Beginning in Miraflores in front of Club Waikiki you will find favorite local spots from Pampilla to Makaha.  Further south you will find charging breaks at Herradura, Punta Hermosa, Big Wave surf championship spot Pico Alto, San Bartolo, all the way down the coastline to Cero Azul some 150 KM south of Lima.

Circuito de Playas Lima y Lima Sur

lima sur beaches

If you are a beginner just starting out lessons are available in Miraflores at the circuito de playas right next to the Restaurante Nautica on the pier.  Another option is the Penascal Surf Hotel and Hostel run by Antonio Otello.  The Penascal Surf Hotel is a great place to get out of Lima and spend a few days in the water.  They offer private rooms along with food and refreshments, lessons are also available.  Both options have boards and wetsuits available.

Herradura Point Barranco, Lima, Peru

herradura peru

Water is warm January until the end of March and cool the rest of the year with July and August being the coldest months.  A 3/2 Fullsuit is recommended at that point but waters are not terrible cold.  If you are looking for a cheap board check out the Klimax Shop in Lima a few blocks towards the beach from Parque Kennedy.

Penascal Surf Hotel click here for link

Travel south of Lima is available via public bus, taxi and even coach bus if you are heading all the way to Canete.



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