Cruz Del Sur Sucks 2

Another Cruz Del Sur Peru Bus Crash

cruz del sur

Just to review a second time Cruz del Sir Peru Sucks! I mean Cruz del Sur just sucks, IT SUCKS!

Worst Customer Service, we got robbed by the ticket office for s./50.  They never gave us our change and they hostess left and never returned!

Worst Staff, Rude and Dishonest

Worst Security, Knocked my daughter to the ground and didnt so much as try to pick her up or apologize

Slowest Bus in Peru!  2 times as long a ride from Mancora to Lima than normal and we were not permitted to disembark when caught in gridlock for 3 hours without moving 10 feet in Lima only 15 minutes from the terminal and  forced to wait on a hot bus with no air conditioning for 3 extra hours!  No Refund or compensation offered.

Cruz Del Sur Peru, Not Recommended! Cruz Del Sur Peru just Sucks!

Refer to my extended review for more in depth sucking of Cruz Del Sur Peru!  Civa Exclusive kicks Cruz del Sur’s ASS in Top Rated Bus Service Peru!

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