Shopping Malls Lima Peru

Its true Peru has shopping malls just like those in the United States and also the types you find in the Gamarra too!  The most ritzy of which is by far the Jockey Plaza located close to the US embassy and the Polo Grounds hence the name.  But Jockey Plaza is not the only shopping mall in Peru.  In Fact, Lima Peru has several other shopping malls or shopping megaplex’s.

Plaza Norte is another popular Lima Shopping Center, complete with large department stores as well as smaller boutique establishments ranging from foot wear to music, jewelry  as well as other attractions such as video arcades, Cinemas and fun parks!

Mega Plaza is yet another option with a very nice covered open air food court with outdoor entertainment on the weekends.  Mega Plaza Lima also features Shopping with many retailers and boutiques as well as Coney Park a fun park with amusement rides and video games for the kids, fine dining, even a Chilis!  They also have a nice sized movie theater!

Shopping in Lima, Peru is something to be had for sure be it solely in the confines of the riche boutique stores within the Miraflores District or be it outside of the area you can find anything in Peru.


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