Shopping Malls Lima Peru

Its true Peru has shopping malls just like those in the United States and also the types you find in the Gamarra too!  The most ritzy of which is by far the Jockey Plaza located close to the US embassy and the Polo Grounds hence the name.  But Jockey Plaza is not the only shopping mall in Peru.  In Fact, Lima Peru has several other shopping malls or shopping megaplex’s.

Plaza Norte is another popular Lima Shopping Center, complete with large department stores as well as smaller boutique establishments ranging from foot wear to music, jewelry  as well as other attractions such as video arcades, Cinemas and fun parks!

Mega Plaza is yet another option with a very nice covered open air food court with outdoor entertainment on the weekends.  Mega Plaza Lima also features Shopping with many retailers and boutiques as well as Coney Park a fun park with amusement rides and video games for the kids, fine dining, even a Chilis!  They also have a nice sized movie theater!

Shopping in Lima, Peru is something to be had for sure be it solely in the confines of the riche boutique stores within the Miraflores District or be it outside of the area you can find anything in Peru.

Cruz Del Sur Sucks 2

Another Cruz Del Sur Peru Bus Crash

cruz del sur

Just to review a second time Cruz del Sir Peru Sucks! I mean Cruz del Sur just sucks, IT SUCKS!

Worst Customer Service, we got robbed by the ticket office for s./50.  They never gave us our change and they hostess left and never returned!

Worst Staff, Rude and Dishonest

Worst Security, Knocked my daughter to the ground and didnt so much as try to pick her up or apologize

Slowest Bus in Peru!  2 times as long a ride from Mancora to Lima than normal and we were not permitted to disembark when caught in gridlock for 3 hours without moving 10 feet in Lima only 15 minutes from the terminal and  forced to wait on a hot bus with no air conditioning for 3 extra hours!  No Refund or compensation offered.

Cruz Del Sur Peru, Not Recommended! Cruz Del Sur Peru just Sucks!

Refer to my extended review for more in depth sucking of Cruz Del Sur Peru!  Civa Exclusive kicks Cruz del Sur’s ASS in Top Rated Bus Service Peru!

La Ramadita de Warmy Huaral Best Chancho al Palo

The Barbecue fanatic in me just had to take an expedition to the City of Huaral about an hour north of lima along the costal highway in search of the infamous Chancho al Palo otherwise known as spit smoked hog.  Getting there I chose to take a short coach bus ride with our entire family and inlaws over a sunny weekend.  Upon arriving at the bus terminal we were surrounded by taxistas, the norm when getting off any tourist bus in Peru.

My Aunt had been there many times and being so close to Lima we already knew where to go for the best to be had, La Ramadita de Warmy.  Upon arriving after a short 5 minute cab ride we exited the convoy to experience exotic aromas of smoking hardwood and sizzling meat off the bone.

Chancho al Palo


Upon entering I had a huge grin on my face as soon as I saw the open wood smoke style set up with spits filled with whole hogs being spun ever so slowly by hand.  We sat and ordered some nicely chilled Pilsen Cerveza while the youngsters headed to the back where they  have  a small walk through zoo with many different animals and lots of different parrots.



I liken this place to a huge banquet center with seating for several hundred, although not at capacity I couldn’t believe the size of the place.  TV’s had peruvian soccer on while large groups of families celebrated the sunny weather on a warmer winter weekend.  Children were playing and families and friends were enjoying the wonderful smells from the fires to the chancho.


Sides were brought leisurely and the Pork soon followed.  Wow, crispy pork skin slow smoked over an open fire.  It just don’t get any better than that.  The skin was the best part but the meat was excellent and the sides were nice but the Hog is what we were there for.  After many rounds of Cerveza and second orders of Chancho we had our fill.

We had a great time and I have since tried several different chancho’s al palo but this one is my favorite and I plan to return soon.


Surf Scene Lima and Lima Sur Peru

Land of the Lefts.

Some Historians say that Surfing as a sport began in Ancient Peru some 2000 years ago.  Fisherman were the first to tame the waves of the Peruvian coastline in Caballitos de totoras which can still be ridden today on the beaches of Huanchaco.  These reed wave machines were used to fish in and carry the pescadores back to the beach when the days catch was complete.

From the Beach Boys time at the break Cero Azul to the Northern boarder with Ecuador waves are ridden and ripped by locals, surf travelers and even 2004 Peruvian WSOP World Champion, Sofia Mulanovich.

Peru’s coastline is full of classic spots from the longest left in the world, Chicama, to the Peruvian North Shore.  Waters around the Lima area are well known and frequented by locals on even the coldest days of winter, as the coldest is around 65 degrees.  Beginning in Miraflores in front of Club Waikiki you will find favorite local spots from Pampilla to Makaha.  Further south you will find charging breaks at Herradura, Punta Hermosa, Big Wave surf championship spot Pico Alto, San Bartolo, all the way down the coastline to Cero Azul some 150 KM south of Lima.

Circuito de Playas Lima y Lima Sur

lima sur beaches

If you are a beginner just starting out lessons are available in Miraflores at the circuito de playas right next to the Restaurante Nautica on the pier.  Another option is the Penascal Surf Hotel and Hostel run by Antonio Otello.  The Penascal Surf Hotel is a great place to get out of Lima and spend a few days in the water.  They offer private rooms along with food and refreshments, lessons are also available.  Both options have boards and wetsuits available.

Herradura Point Barranco, Lima, Peru

herradura peru

Water is warm January until the end of March and cool the rest of the year with July and August being the coldest months.  A 3/2 Fullsuit is recommended at that point but waters are not terrible cold.  If you are looking for a cheap board check out the Klimax Shop in Lima a few blocks towards the beach from Parque Kennedy.

Penascal Surf Hotel click here for link

Travel south of Lima is available via public bus, taxi and even coach bus if you are heading all the way to Canete.



Best Sandwich Shop in the Galaxy, La Lucha Sangucheria (Miraflores, Lima, Peru)

la lucha

Only in the event of not chowing down on my hometown World Famous Kansas City BBQ Shops I choose La Lucha Sangucheria as the Best Sangucheria in the Galaxy!  Famous for its Criolla Cuisine and House Fries straight out of you heavenly dreams come a place even my buddy Gaston Acurio is known to frequent.


Located on the 1st floor (Primero Piso) of the Flying Dog Hostel next to the McD’s at Parque Kennedy here you will find what is in my fine opinion the finest Sanguch shop to be had anywhere.  At night you will wait but its worth every second.  Seating is limited so be ready to attack for your spot at first sight of seat!  Even at Lunch this place packs them in.  Authentic Criolla meats piled high on fresh french rolls and quite possibly the finest Fries which ever have been created.


This is a must for anyone visiting Miraflores and bring your appetite because you are going to simply love every bite.  I have been going to this place since my first trip to Peru and make a point of visiting as often as I can, normally every week when I am in country.  You won’t find anything close anywhere in the world.  I normally go for a “La Lucha” a steak stack exquisitely seasoned and a side of “Papas Fritas Huayro”, Perus Best.  Don’t forget a fresh jugo or “extracto” to go with it.  I go for the Pina!


Top things to do Malecon Miraflores Peru

  1. visit the parque del amor and see the lovers statue
  2. visit the larcomar for shopping or lunch
  3. try paragliding above the costa verde
  4. take the kids to play on one of the many parks
  5. have lunch or a snack at one of the many tourist spots
  6. Enjoy the oceanview
  7. go for a walk or a nice jog
  8. Head to the beaches for sun and surf

The Malecon located above the costa verde in downtown miraflores lima peru is a fantastic place to go for a walk.  All up and down the coast of miraflores is a park with many local attractions.  It is a great place to spend a sunny afternoon.  There are plenty of attractions and parks and play things for the whole family.  Bikes are welcome just watch for the bike lane.  Be careful crossing back into miraflores as the coastal traffic can be very intense and you don’t want to get hit by a car or a taxi.  No matter what you choose to do this is a fantastic place to get some exercise, take a nice walk, get a view of the beach and ocean or just go hang out with friends and family.

Discoteca’s Lima Peru Disco Dance

OK so First off Discoteca doesn’t mean that you are going to a place where people will be wearing bell bottom jeans and busting out to the BG’s!  In Peru and other South American Countries you will find an Abundance of night clubs many of which are dance clubs!  These are the best places in my opinion to visit on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights!  There are several locations in the major cities in Peru to enjoy nightlife and dance and dance clubs.

Lima Peru

Dance clubs and discotecas in the Lima peru area can be found in Miraflores on calle de los pizza’s and this is obviously the more well known tourist epicenter probably in the entire country.

There are also other clubs and bars in and around the parque kennedy stretching down all the way to Larcomar where there are a number of nice disco’s as well although I hear they are higher priced and cater to the foreign travelers.

Just to the north of Miraflores on Av Arequipa are also a couple of other nice places to check out they will be on the east side of the street, left heading away from parque kennedy.

Cusco, Peru

I haven’t been out here in a while but around the plaza de armas was a place that everyone goes to at night time.  Oh it is called mama africa and that is THE place to go at night time in Cusco!

Travelers Beware!

Just like in your own country you will find places that you might find unwelcome.  You will find that no matter where in the universe you are.  Best of luck!







Plaza de Armas Lima Peru

Plaza de Armas in Lima, Peru is a wonderful place to enjoy site seeing around the old center of Lima.  There are many attractions and tours in and around the plaza and it is probably my favorite place to visit in Lima.

The center is famous for the famous fountains at the center of the square located directly in from of the Presidential Palace, Lima’s Main Cathedral, The Catacombs, and plenty of shopping and dining options.  Chabuca Granda is located just south of the Presidential palace and accessed via the walkway between the Presidential Palace and the modern fountain in front of the banco de credito.

Chabuca Granda is a fantastic place to visit on Saturdays.  Settled atop what was once a major train station and later the old polvos azules, Chabuca Granda in Lima Peru offers fantastic views of the Rio Rimac as well as the old bridge leading to Rimac which is now a pedestrian walkway aside from the military vehicles accessing the Presidential Palace.  Saturday afternoons beginning at lunch time there is normally a Peruvian Gastronomic Festival where you can enjoy nearly all of the classical Peruvian dishes prepared to perfection and at a very reasonable price.  You will also find arts and craft booths set up selling all sorts of wares.  From afternoons until they sell out you will also find licensed street food vendors here and this is where I go to get my Anticuchos and Pancita con choclo most evenings.  They also have Gelado, ice cream, Picarones which are great and other sorted fare.  All at typical street food prices but the food here is always prepared well.

Jiron de la Union is a pedestrian only street though the old district beginning in Plaza de Armas and leading all the way to Plaza Saint Martin.  Here you will find many sit down restaurants from Rustica, Pollo a la Braseria’s, Pizza Palace as well as McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Starbucks and a few others.  There are many stores along the way including the larger department stores such as Saga Falabella and Oechsle.  There are also 2 older movie theaters here one being in Plaza Saint Martin, which is  a great place to change dollars.  Be wary of the Tattoo artists hanging out in the middle of Jiron as most are petty thieves and not to be trusted.  There are huge amounts of people here especially at night time just keep a close hold on your valuables or better yet dont take them.  There are several banks and atm’s, money changers and places to get cell phones, sim cards and buy cell phone credit.

The Plaza de armas is also a departure point for the Mirabus and tours to Cerro San Cristobal.  Many other shopping districts are close by as is a sodimac hardware superstore located in downtown lima and others as well.




Shopping Mall For Real in Lima Peru !

I am not lying if you want to see a real shopping mall like in the united states in Lima, Peru then don’t worry.  You have a couple of options!

Review of Jockey Plaza Lima , Peru

Jockey Plaza is the most upscale shopping and entertainment center in all of Peru if American style shopping is what you are after.  Jockey Plaza houses large department stores and smaller boutique name brand stores in Lima, Peru.  It is located close to the U.S. Embassy in Peru and close to the Polo Gardens, Hence the name, Jockey Plaza.  Here you will find the finer name brand shoppings with many name brand outlet stores and dining.  Jockey Plaza is not the only modern shopping mall in Lima Peru , however!

Located in Central Lima , Peru is the Mega Plaza .  A Shopping and Entertainment facility containing many name brand large department stores, Boutique stores and outlets as well as Fine Dining, and a covered outdoor food court with weekend live entertainment.  They even have a Chilis!  There are a few nice restaurants, an HD movie theater and even a Coney Park Amusement Park with enjoyment for all ages with games, rides and prizes!

Plaza Norte , located close to Comas in Central Lima, Peru.  This shopping center is complete with large department stores, food court, boutique stores and apparel, Movie Complex and Amusement Entertainment Facility with rides and games for all ages including Lima’s only Ferris Wheel!

Larcomar located in Miraflores Peru on the Costa Verde located above the Rosa Nautica Restaurant.  They have a Tony Roma’s restaurant, many other fine dining establishments as well as a couple of cafes overlooking the sea and coastline.  There is a coney park arcade, a movie complex , smaller boutique stores and nightlife with several nightclubs.



Anticuchos Peru Street Food

Anticuchos Lima Peru

Anyone who has experienced the better parts of Lima Peru after dark has surely enjoyed the smells coming from the Anticuchos grilling around town.  Anticuchos and Pancita are a favorite night street food around Lima.  My favorite stands are the ones in the local areas you will know a good place when you see alot of the locals chowing down.

Anticucho is marinated beef heart thinly sliced served on bamboo sticks seared on a hot metal grill on top of mesquite wood.  It is spiced as is the pancita or cows tripes seasoned in hot spice and grilled as well.

Sideds include papas and choclo if you are up for a completo.  Copleto is s./8 and solo anticuchos go for s./5 for three sticks.  Do not forget the add your own chile aji bar on the front of the carts.  I pour the red hot ricotto aji all over my beef and the yellow aji for the papas.  Kids can also enjoy as they usually have ponchas or hot dog on a stick grilled as well.

Anticuchos are popular night food in Lima after dark.  You can find them in Alemeda Chabuca Granda or in Barranco near the bars.  Most shopping districts surrounding the center of lima have lots of street vendors just look for the carts with anticucho pancita written on them and enjoy