Peru Arroz Con Pollo Rice with Chicken


Arroz Con Pollo is an all time classic in Peruvian Culinary Art.  This is my own recipe.  Enjoy!

Chicken Thighs and legs

white rice washed

Can of Peas and Carrots

2 pieces of fresh garlic

half bundle cilantro



Aji Amarillo very important

dark lager beer

vegetable oil


Fry chicken in stock pot with oil and minced garlic a little cumin.   In a blender mix cilantro small amount of oil beer and one aji amarillo and a little water.  Once chicken is golden brown and cooked add peas and carrots, blended mix and  bring to boil.  Add washed white rice return to boil.  Reduce to low heat and wait for rice to cook.  Once light simmer, cover with foil and lid keep on low heat until rice raises and serve!  Enjoy! 

Serve with Papas Huancaina Recipe to come


Ice Cream Peru Danofrio Best


Danofrio is my favorite ice cream in peru.  Everyone that visits Peru will surely see a Danofrio Bike Cart full of Ice Cream treats or Helado as it is called there.  I have even been approached by one on a remote beach in the North.  Just in Time no less!

In Lima Ice cream can be had near the Plaza de Armas readily especial in Chabucha Market.  It is cheap probably s./3 for a big cone and a couple scoops.  It is really good made with real sugar and much better than ice cream back in the united states.

Don’t be supprised if you are out on a beach alone and an Ice Cream cart starts heading your way.  Woop  I love Peruvians!

On the way to the Lima Zoo I saw the Danofrio Factory and the kids flipped out and wanted the taxi to stop.  Have to see if they have tours??  Hmmmm.