Pisco Sour Freebies

Ok I know I know, I had too man!

We now delve into the relm of the Free Pisco Sour.

We will get everything in here from worst to first starting this time with the WORST Pisco Sour Freebie I have ever tried.  Beware when in Aguas Calientes as I just spent the last 3 weeks there surviving on falta, avacado con pan bread.  The only other sustenance I was able to come by was the free pisco sours.  Just kidding guys, anyway the worst I have had was definately in Aguas Calientes at the Mexican Restaraunt sitting on the balcony next to the town square.  It was terrible and I absolutely refused to drink it.  Like a 1/4 sip and blaaaaah!  A big fat ZERO to pisco sour freebies in aguas calientes.

The best seem to always be at the Sabor Peruano at the calle de los pizzas and btw I quit hanging out there as too many expats were asking me if I was the guy with the web blog from the calle de los pizzas.  I am staying low key from now on.

I also recommend the pisco freebies at the Beach in Mancora Mon!  Anyways just thought I would drop in on that one.

Honestly the Mexican restaurant with the balcony in Aguas Calientes was a rip off.  They told us we’d get a free pisco which was horrible and then charged us for a table fee of S./5 or $1.50 so forget that and head to one of the smaller joints with less tourist crap going on because you arent gonna get good food there.  Period. Negative Stars for that place.