Stuck in Peru in search of American Beer

I have always made it a point to search for imported cerveza here in Peru.  American Beer is something that we Americans, at least myself, come to miss when we are outside of the United States.  I have searched far and wide for the likes of an ice cold Budweiser but have never found anything close, at least until today.  I was making an unusual stop at the Tottus on av. tacna and passed through the beer isle and to my suprise there sitting in the cooler was 2 six packs of Miller Genuine Draft ice cold and ready to go home with me.  They also had quite a bit of Corona Extra.  Prices on the imported MGD were steep costing s./26 for a sixer.  Such is the price for cold American Beer far away here in Lima, Peru.  They also had heineken mini kegs.

In the past I had seen Corona bottles on calle de las pizzas at the mexican place as well as a selection of irish stouts in the old pub in miraflores.  If anyone out there knows where I can locate any Busch or Budweiser please contact me as I am going nuts.  Cheers and I’m about to crack open one of these ice cold Miller Genuine Drafts right here in Rimac, Lima, Peru.