Lomo Saltdado

Lomo Saltado Recipe

Receta Recipe for Lomo Saltado Peruvian Tradition

Beef tips

purple onion

Green Pepper




Vinagre Blanco


Papas Fritas

There are a couple of secrete ingredients which Mama Satu didnt want to give up so they will remain secrete.  To some the missing ones will be obvious if you are unfamiliar you may guess.


Stuck in Peru in search of American Beer

I have always made it a point to search for imported cerveza here in Peru.  American Beer is something that we Americans, at least myself, come to miss when we are outside of the United States.  I have searched far and wide for the likes of an ice cold Budweiser but have never found anything close, at least until today.  I was making an unusual stop at the Tottus on av. tacna and passed through the beer isle and to my suprise there sitting in the cooler was 2 six packs of Miller Genuine Draft ice cold and ready to go home with me.  They also had quite a bit of Corona Extra.  Prices on the imported MGD were steep costing s./26 for a sixer.  Such is the price for cold American Beer far away here in Lima, Peru.  They also had heineken mini kegs.

In the past I had seen Corona bottles on calle de las pizzas at the mexican place as well as a selection of irish stouts in the old pub in miraflores.  If anyone out there knows where I can locate any Busch or Budweiser please contact me as I am going nuts.  Cheers and I’m about to crack open one of these ice cold Miller Genuine Drafts right here in Rimac, Lima, Peru.