Circuito de Playas Miraflores Peru

Checked out the Beach in Miraflores today for the first time.  Known as Circuito de Playas I had visited the Beach before but this time decided to check out the water and brought my surfboard.  I had heard and read numerous reports about litter on the beach and pollution in the water, but after a two hour session decided that it was about the same as I have seen in San Bartolo in the sur de Lima. 

Water temperature was decent with a 3/2 full wetsuit probably in the mid 60’s but did not feel cold.  The beach itself is rocky and there are other rumors of Sea Urchins so I brought my booties along.  The waves were 4-6 foot with wind coming in from offshore.


The waves here were not what I would describe as powerful and there were lots of beginners and others taking lessons.  On Makaha there are quite a few companies offering everything from surfboard rental to lessons.  Word is s./10 for a board and s./20 for a lesson with a local.  Lessons come with wetsuit, a must during the winter months, a board and an hour lesson.  That seemed fairly cheap for American standards and they rent soft foam boards so the Howly’s don’t get smacked. 


Up the beach to the North is another break called La Pampilla which was pretty choppy but there were a few people in the water over there too.  It is within walking distance of the main parking lot.


In the summer the water is supposed to be a bit warmer and the beaches are usually very crowded on the weekends.  I went out late today around 2 pm Lima time and there were about 20 people in the water.  I did not encounter any type of localism which was nice as I have experienced the “kill howly” mess numerous occasions in my visits to the Hawaiian islands. 


Getting to beach we caught a taxi which took us right up to the beach.  Getting out is another issue.  If you dont have your own car then I suggest hiking up the hill.  Take the pedestrian bridge over the road and head up the stairs towards the tennis club.  At the top is Miraflores and we easily caught a taxi back home for the regular price of s./15 all the way to Rimac.