Pisco Sour Freebies

Ok I know I know, I had too man!

We now delve into the relm of the Free Pisco Sour.

We will get everything in here from worst to first starting this time with the WORST Pisco Sour Freebie I have ever tried.  Beware when in Aguas Calientes as I just spent the last 3 weeks there surviving on falta, avacado con pan bread.  The only other sustenance I was able to come by was the free pisco sours.  Just kidding guys, anyway the worst I have had was definately in Aguas Calientes at the Mexican Restaraunt sitting on the balcony next to the town square.  It was terrible and I absolutely refused to drink it.  Like a 1/4 sip and blaaaaah!  A big fat ZERO to pisco sour freebies in aguas calientes.

The best seem to always be at the Sabor Peruano at the calle de los pizzas and btw I quit hanging out there as too many expats were asking me if I was the guy with the web blog from the calle de los pizzas.  I am staying low key from now on.

I also recommend the pisco freebies at the Beach in Mancora Mon!  Anyways just thought I would drop in on that one.

Honestly the Mexican restaurant with the balcony in Aguas Calientes was a rip off.  They told us we’d get a free pisco which was horrible and then charged us for a table fee of S./5 or $1.50 so forget that and head to one of the smaller joints with less tourist crap going on because you arent gonna get good food there.  Period. Negative Stars for that place.


Restaurant Mechita Mancora Peru Review

Cebiche de Langostinos
Cebiche de Langostinos

Restaurant Mechita
av. grau n. 229 mancora talara

On my recent vacation to Mancora Peru we decided to eat at a little place on the main street running through town call Restaurant Mechita. We found the place while we were looking for a place to get Menu for cheap. We noticed that they had Menu advertised out front on the billboard for s./8 soles so we decided to give it a try. The menu lists various marisco’s seafood and criolla fare and the prices are about half what you will pay at the Espada, which I did not visit after reading several bad reviews.

We ordered chicharrones de calamar which is fried calamari for our girls for s./8 soles. The menu came with a starter of papas huancaina which was decent although it is pretty hard to screw up skined boiled potatoes in huancaina sauce, it was good though as I tried a taste. The chicharrone de calamar was very fresh and cooked to perfection. I was in the mood for some fresh shrimp and decided to try their cebiche de langostinos which is priced at s./15 soles or about $5 usd.

The cebiche de langostinos was absolutely superb! The shrimp were fresh and plentiful as I did not expect to get so many shrimp for that price. The leche de tigre was perfectly spiced with ricotta pepper and red onions combined with key limes. The dish was served with a piece of choclo corn and camote sweet potatoes on the side.

The restaurant has outdoor seating on the front patio and ample room inside. They were showing the world cup game inside which is where we were seated. If you are going to try to get Menu on avenida grau rather than the boardwalk this is a good choice. I give Restaurant Mechita (***) 3 stars for a delicious quick lunch.

The Old Pub Miraflores Peru

The Old Pub is located at the end of the Calle de las pizzas in Miraflores, Peru. I found it quite fantastic upon entering having been out of the United States for over 2 months straight. The décor is fashioned like that of an authentic English watering hole, with large bar and old english decorations. The bar even houses authentic Imperial Stout right on tap!

They have several brand new 50” LED flat screens with football on daily. The menu is great if you want to get a taste from back home. They have fantastic buffalo wings and the beer is perfectly chilled. The service is friendly and bilingual as are the majority of eateries on the calle de las pizzas.

Items on the menu include sandwiches, burgers, steaks ( even the chateaubriande). Items range from s./15 for appetizers to s./55 soles for the chateaubriande which is enough for 2. The drinks range from cusquena s./9 (330ml) jarobe s./25, pilsen s./8 and a little more for imports. They also have a variety of wine and plenty of whisky to choose from.

If you are looking for a place to go watch a game or just looking for a glimpse of home go check out The Old Pub in Miraflores for a great time. I give the Old Pub *** stars.

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Mancora Peru Where to eat

Mancora is a tourist destination and there are tons of choices when it comes to dining be it a light lunch to a feast for dinner. The Panamerican Highway runs right the main strip of Mancora, where you will find a plethora of tourist shops, banks, atm’s, boticas / pharmacies, and plenty of restaurants to choose from.

Along the Panamerican Highway you will find that most of the restaurants are a little pricey, but Menu can still be found for as little as 5 Soles. For those who are not familiar with the Peruvian version of “Menu” it means that you are given a choice of starters, usually cebiche or papa huancaina or maybe chicarron de pescado, followed by you main dish of choice and a drink, normally a fruit extract or personal gaseosa ie soda like Inca Kola.

Among the Restaurants along the Panamerican Highway that I would recommend are the Mare e Monte Restaurant and Polleria. The chicken is good and the locals love the place. We went on for Father’s Day at dinner time and the place was packed. Prices are decent and the food is good.

I recommend staying away from the Espada Restaurant as well as the one just to the North of it as well as we had a quite nasty lunch at this place. The Espada we did not try due to reading numerous poor reviews prior to our trip. Prices here were also really high.

My best deals on fresh fish and seafood were found on the pedestrian street that leads to the main part of Mancora Beach. I ate at 3 different open air restaurants along this street and enjoyed Menu at all 3. The fish is fresh and the price is great for travelers on a budget. Menu here ranges from $7 to $10. Cerveza and cold beer is S./4 soles for a 660 ml bottle on this street as opposed to right on the beach where S./6 beers are the norm.

Restaurants that I recommend here are the Restaurant Tumi and the Mochileros Larr. The Mochileros larr had great cebiche and super cold beer as well as friendly staff.

Be sure to check out the hand made jewlery shop across from the Restaurant Tumi where you can find custom made jewelry ranging from alpaca with authentic mexican torquoise to sterling silver.

Night time I suggest trying a sit down dinner at one of the eateries to the south end of the Panamerican Highway. The Beef House in Mancora has a nice selection of steaks and american style baked potatoe to boot. There are a few pizza places and other assorted places for dinner too.

Hotels Mancora, Peru

Our Bus from Lima to Mancora, Peru arrived in the morning about 30 minutes early.  As usual we chose to travel with no reservations, so that we could seek out the best accomidations for the cheapest price.

Upon exiting the Civa Exclusiva Bus we were instantly mobbed by the local mototaxi drivers turned travel agents.  Around 15 different mototaxi drivers surrounded us and started shoving hotel brochures in our faces saying they had the best rates.  We had a list made out ahead of time which I attained off www.vivamancora.com and jumped in one of the mototaxi´s and headed to the nearest hotel on the list.

Our first stop was Sahara Mancora located on the north end of Mancora Beach.  They showed me around the pool which was clean and the dinning area.  Continental breakfast was included in the price of $50 usd for a double beach front room.  The rooms were basic and lacking in Television.  I did not inquire if they had internet as we did not stay long.  They also had quadruple suite consiting of a bunk bed in one room with a queen size bed in the other with a bathroom in the middle of both rooms.  The beach at the Sahara on the north side of Mancora was really clean and seemed nice.  The rate on the quadruple was 80 sole a night, but did not have a view of the ocean so we moved on.

Next stop was the Mancora Beach Bungalows located in Las Pocitas Beach, also referred to as Mancora Chico just south of the pier.  The rooms were the same as the Sahara, small no TV but they said that they had WIFI internet.  The rate was quoted at $100 usd per night and the room had a view of one of their pools.  I did not see the beach at this place as the price was very steep.  No other guests were present.

We stopped at 2 more places which were fairly empty and continued heading south to see what Vichayito Beach had to offer.

More to come…..

Peru Top Rated Bus Tour – Civa Exclusiva 5 stars

Traveling cheap in Peru is easy and Civa bus lines is awarded my 5 star imperial ranking following my recent trip from Lima to Mancora Peru.  I set out to find the best deal on the best bus and took Civa Exclusiva line to Mancora because they had the best price and the newest buses.  I compared prices and accomidation for Civa, Cial, Flores and Cruz del Sur.

Civa Exclusiva’s rates are probably the best deal on the planet for the service provided.  The Price 150 soles about $52 USD for 180 degree realmente is more than 180 it should have said Luxury Rockstar Motor Coach.  Upon entering the brand new bus I was utterly amazed!  Brand new and you would not believe how much space you get!  Each 180 seat was in its own suite complete with personal 16″ LCD TV display, Plush super pluffy leather seat that reclined back way further than any other I have experienced and First Class service. .

Civa’s rate was 12 soles cheaper than all of the other bus lines 180 degree service.  They also have 1st piso 160 degree which was also very nice, just not as much room.  The 180 2nd piso is like none other that I have experienced.  You get 3 times the room and dont feel cramped at all.  I likend it to a private Leir Jet with atleast twice as much room as any other 180 cama bus line available.

The bus left on time and departed promptly heading north we enjoyed the typical bus food although it was a little better quality.  The ride was like being in the clouds with a super soft experience the entire way.  The Movies shown were currently in the movie theaters and dubbed in spanish with english sound.  The bathrooms were clean.  Even though we were on the second level the bus did not shake from side to side at all.  We arrived a little ahead of schedule the following morning.

After trying countless bus services throughout Peru I will only travel long distances on Civa Exclusiva from now on.  The price is better than the rest and the service in unmatched.  (*****) 5 Star Rating!

Thank you Civa for an amazing journey.

Review Penascal Surf Hotel (****)

Penascal Surf Hotel rating (**** stars)

Antonio Otello founded the Penascal Surf Hotel in 1999 and has been making friends ever since.  Located at 51 Km Panamerica Sur in the beach town of San Bartolo the hotel is about a 45 minute drive from Miraflores by taxi.  The town has full services throughout the year and is just what you would expect from a surf mecca, plenty of waves year round.

I recently visited Antonio during the ASP women’s world tour and we got to see Peru’s own Sofia Mulanovich competing first hand.  Following the semi finals it was time for my first surfing lesson.  Having spent alot of time with my brother who lives in Oahu, Hawaii I was really excited to learn.  The lesson started out with mild stretching and changing to a wetsuit.  Next we grabbed our boards and headed to the beach which is right in front of the hotel.  On the beach Antonio showed me how to paddle and the maneuver to stand up which is the hardest part.

Next we headed out to the line up.  The water to the south of Lima is much cleaner than the Costa Verde beaches.  It was the first of June and the water was not all that cold probably about 72 degrees and not cold with a 3/2 wetsuit and booties for the urchins.  In the water Antonio got me into position and helped push me into the breaking waves.  It was Awsome!  After a few tries he left me on my own for a few tries and I caught a wave and stood up for about 6 seconds riding the wave until it died close to the beach.  I had a few more tries and then we finished after about 2.5 hours in the water.

He normally charges $35 high season for lessons complete with liquid shredder soft learning board and wetsuit.  I got the locals discount and was stoked!  After the lesson we went back to the Hotel and enjoyed lunch prepared by Antonio’s wife.  She prepared fresh fish which was excellent.  The hotel is very clean and really laid back.  Even though it is almost winter here there were a few guest I got to meet.  One traveler from Spain and 2 from Australia.

Rooms are complete with bathroom and hot running water.  With spectacular views of the surrounding surf breaks.  Rates are reasonable for the services provided $55 per person per day including 3 meals.  Antonio is a very friendly and gracious host and I plan to return during the summer for some sun and surf.  The Penascal Surf Hotel also can arrange for Surfaris to the North to Chicama at Puerto Malbrigo and all the way up the coast to Tumbes close to the border with Equador.  Prices start at $595 usd for a guided trip all inclusive stopping at Chicama, Panic Point, Lobitos, Organos, Mancora and secrete spots in between depending on the surf that day.  For more information check out www.surfpenascal.com for more information

If you get a chance to get away check out the Penascal Surf Hotel for awsome waves and some laid back beach side fun!

Muchas Gracias Antonio!  I’ll be back next time I am down that way.