Claudio Pizzaro Wins FIFA World Cup Qualifer with Goal

The match played between Peru vs. Ecuador during FIFA World Cup Qualifying play took place at the Estadio National in Ecuador. The only goal of the game came early at the eleventh minute of play when Claudio Pizzaro Struck a huge goal to keep Peru in the World Cup Contention.


Ya Me Voy

Told my significant other I wanted to hit up the U game. For those not familiar the U is for Universitario. Infamous football team of Peru. Last year apparantly their was a riot during the classico match against Alianza. Well sports fans on the 14th we will witness just that U vs Alianza in the classico. BTW significant other told me to check out youtube before doing this then told me I needed my head checked….U vs Alianza in the Classico and people get G'd up and throw down