Anticuchos Peru Street Food

Anticuchos Lima Peru

Anyone who has experienced the better parts of Lima Peru after dark has surely enjoyed the smells coming from the Anticuchos grilling around town.  Anticuchos and Pancita are a favorite night street food around Lima.  My favorite stands are the ones in the local areas you will know a good place when you see alot of the locals chowing down.

Anticucho is marinated beef heart thinly sliced served on bamboo sticks seared on a hot metal grill on top of mesquite wood.  It is spiced as is the pancita or cows tripes seasoned in hot spice and grilled as well.

Sideds include papas and choclo if you are up for a completo.  Copleto is s./8 and solo anticuchos go for s./5 for three sticks.  Do not forget the add your own chile aji bar on the front of the carts.  I pour the red hot ricotto aji all over my beef and the yellow aji for the papas.  Kids can also enjoy as they usually have ponchas or hot dog on a stick grilled as well.

Anticuchos are popular night food in Lima after dark.  You can find them in Alemeda Chabuca Granda or in Barranco near the bars.  Most shopping districts surrounding the center of lima have lots of street vendors just look for the carts with anticucho pancita written on them and enjoy



Street Food In Lima Peru

Lima is a big city and the people stay very busy.  Lima’s 10 million inhabitants normally work 5-6 days a week from 8am-9PM so they must eat quick and normally on the run.  While traveling around the city of Lima you will encounter various types of street vendors.

A good way to identify good food from the street Vendors is to look for where the most locals are eating.  That is always a good sign.  You will notice many in the Chabuca area near the Plaza de Armas that are all in white carts.  These vendors are inpected by the municipality and are normally the cleanest and safest to eat at.  My favorite is the Anticouchos or kabob of marinated beef heart and pancita which is marinated beef tripes or stomach usually served along side of boiled potato slices and your choice of hot sauces.

Hot sauce is my specialty and Peru has many unique types of peppers such as the aji amarillo and the ricotto pepper.  Normally you will have a choice of the 3 main salsa’s at most vendors stands.  Aji de huacatay, Aji Amarillo and The rojo ricotto.  My favorite is the red ricotto sauce and it is very hot so watch out.

Other street edibles include papas relleno which are mashed potatoes made into a ball and deep fried with olives, hard boiled eggs, some hamburger inside.  Another is Arroz con leche, a sweet white rice and sweet condensed milk with cinimon an d raisins on top.  There are many vendors selling different types of caldons or soups of camote (sweet potatoes) and chunos (small dried potatoes native to the Andes) and a favorite in Cusco.  You will also find gelado (ice cream), picaronnes (fried sweet bread with molasses), choclo con queso, choclo con papa and juevo con papa,  conchita (pop corn), flan and creme brule to name a few.

We will go into each in further detail later on.