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ve been looking around Lima to find my own surfboard.

After working in Colorado as a lift operator at a ski resort for a few years I have developed quite the interest in snowboarding. Being that I have been out of the United States and far away from any snow for such a long time I decided that it was time to try my hand at surfing. I took my first lesson with Antonio Otello at the Penacal Surf Hotel in famed San Bartolo in Lima Sur. Since then I have been looking around Lima to find my own surfboard.

After checking numerous websites for used surfboards such as mercadolibre.com I decided it was time to stop by the Klimax Surf Shop to see what they had to offer. The shop was established by Rodolfo Klima who shapes most of the boards. There are a couple of locations but I chose to stop by the one in Miraflores located at the intersection of Av. Larco and Av. Jose Gonzalez.

Upon entering I was blown away by their selection. The Klimax Surf Shop has a few hundred new and used surfboards to choose from. The new boards are shaped out of foam blanks and glassed in fiberglass, rather than the newer epoxy resins, which makes for a smoother ride with more feel. An employee by the name of Carlos was very kind and showed me around the shop.

New boards start at $400 USD and come in a vast array of shapes and sizes. I believe from their website that you can also get a custom designed Klimax surfboard made exactly to your specifications. They also have a vast selection of used surfboards of various makes and models which start at $80 USD and go up to $240 USD. The used boards are in various conditions but all are atleast repaired and ready for use. Some of the used boards had obvious repairs from breakage to simple dings, but the prices seemed more than fair considering most of the airlines charge a steep fee of $200 each way to carry your own board on the airplane with you on international flights.

The Klimax Surf Shop also has a limited amount of apparel consisting mostly of hooded sweatshirts to t-shirts. They also have protectinve surfboard bags and leashes for sale as well. If you are looking for a surfboard in the Lima area I recommend that you check out Klimax Surf Shop.


Review Penascal Surf Hotel (****)

Penascal Surf Hotel rating (**** stars)

Antonio Otello founded the Penascal Surf Hotel in 1999 and has been making friends ever since.  Located at 51 Km Panamerica Sur in the beach town of San Bartolo the hotel is about a 45 minute drive from Miraflores by taxi.  The town has full services throughout the year and is just what you would expect from a surf mecca, plenty of waves year round.

I recently visited Antonio during the ASP women’s world tour and we got to see Peru’s own Sofia Mulanovich competing first hand.  Following the semi finals it was time for my first surfing lesson.  Having spent alot of time with my brother who lives in Oahu, Hawaii I was really excited to learn.  The lesson started out with mild stretching and changing to a wetsuit.  Next we grabbed our boards and headed to the beach which is right in front of the hotel.  On the beach Antonio showed me how to paddle and the maneuver to stand up which is the hardest part.

Next we headed out to the line up.  The water to the south of Lima is much cleaner than the Costa Verde beaches.  It was the first of June and the water was not all that cold probably about 72 degrees and not cold with a 3/2 wetsuit and booties for the urchins.  In the water Antonio got me into position and helped push me into the breaking waves.  It was Awsome!  After a few tries he left me on my own for a few tries and I caught a wave and stood up for about 6 seconds riding the wave until it died close to the beach.  I had a few more tries and then we finished after about 2.5 hours in the water.

He normally charges $35 high season for lessons complete with liquid shredder soft learning board and wetsuit.  I got the locals discount and was stoked!  After the lesson we went back to the Hotel and enjoyed lunch prepared by Antonio’s wife.  She prepared fresh fish which was excellent.  The hotel is very clean and really laid back.  Even though it is almost winter here there were a few guest I got to meet.  One traveler from Spain and 2 from Australia.

Rooms are complete with bathroom and hot running water.  With spectacular views of the surrounding surf breaks.  Rates are reasonable for the services provided $55 per person per day including 3 meals.  Antonio is a very friendly and gracious host and I plan to return during the summer for some sun and surf.  The Penascal Surf Hotel also can arrange for Surfaris to the North to Chicama at Puerto Malbrigo and all the way up the coast to Tumbes close to the border with Equador.  Prices start at $595 usd for a guided trip all inclusive stopping at Chicama, Panic Point, Lobitos, Organos, Mancora and secrete spots in between depending on the surf that day.  For more information check out www.surfpenascal.com for more information

If you get a chance to get away check out the Penascal Surf Hotel for awsome waves and some laid back beach side fun!

Muchas Gracias Antonio!  I’ll be back next time I am down that way.