Mr. Taco : Lima Peru

I was in Jesus Maria today visiting with my wife and discovered a Taco Stand on the street on Av. Salaverry a few minutes from downtown (av. tacna – plaza vea area). It is a small stand with a huge neon sign you cannot miss it. They charge s./ 10 to s./13 for Tacos made fresh while you wait. Quite different from “Street Tacos” in Mexico but Tacos in Peru none the less. I just shook my head in disbelief. They also serve sandwiches for about s./5 . The Peruvian taco stand sells pollo, chicken, carne, beef, chorizo, sausage, and Puerco. I did not sample any but did witness them being made although I would like to point out that all of the Peruvians were eating sandwiches, that made me laugh. The tacos at Mr. Taco come on a pre made large flour tortilla and are served with sauteed onion. They looked ok but I did not try as they seemed pricey for what you got and we had already eaten.


Tacos in Peru

Bimbo Tortillas Peru
Bimbo Tortillas Peru

I have always had a craving for Mexican food.  Tacos and Mexican food have always been my favorite food, but here in Peru it is almost impossible to find real tacos unless you make them yourself.  Taco Bell used to be in Peru, but have exited the market.  There is a place on the Calle de las pizzas that sells their take on Mexican cuisine, but I havent bothered to try it.  There is also a new place in the Plaza Norte shopping mall in the food court that is selling Tacos made with peruvian flavors which I also passed on.

I ran out of corn tortillas soon into this trip down to Peru. I had not been able to find any tortillas or taco sauce my entire first trip, which lasted for 4 weeks. This trip I was nearing 6 weeks when I stumbled upon a gold mine of Bimbo Tortillas while grocery shopping at the new Plaza Vea on Avenida Wilson. The Tortillas were near the bottom shelf of the american style sliced bread isle at the edge of the store. After walking around I also found a rack of them at the cheese counter. It was a relief to find them as I have been craving some real authentic Mexican for the last few weeks.

A package of 10 Bimbo Tortillas was priced at s./5 soles, but I would have paid more if I had to. I have searched 3 different Metro supermarkets in Lima center and Rimac as well as the new super Tottus on avenida Tacna and have yet to find anything resembling Mexican Taco sauce or taco seasoning. Monday will be taco night complete with ground beef and some steak fajitas too. What a relief, VIVA La Mexico!